Movement (In a Pastor’s Voice)

[a poem by Allen James]

I hear brains frying like fried green tomatoes

as we flip through life’s pages, trying

We urgently need movement

Yes we do.

Without movement

we’d experience irritability

Yes we would.

Like a new-born in need of

warm breast milk for suck,

a soothing back rub and such

Yes we do.

Even our bowels

need movement, or we get inflamed like Red Hots on inside

It starts showing up on the outside

Yes we do.

We were designed for movement

like in Exodus

male babies had to hide and move

or lose their life

Yes they did.

On our jobs

Our hard working jobs

Whether it’s sitting at a desk, bored to pieces

typing all day, staring at screens till are eyes are sore

we need


A raise, a bonus, some appreciation

for giving solid hours of our life to


Although we are servants

and we consider the busy ant,

we get tired

Plant us on a pair of Boeing 747 wings

We want higher, and higher, and higher

Movement gives a sense of satisfaction

so we give action, and more action

as our lives symbolize balled fists

We fight like Evander, or Tyson, or Bow

Yes we do.

For the good life

we need movement

Yes we do!


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