Music sets the Tone

Invention of Love

By: Andrey Shushkov / Electric Literature/ YouTube

An exploration by  Basmah A. Abdul-Haleem

Invention/hard work can’t replace the true meaning of love.

A young man has been dating a natural beautiful woman who used to living in a natural world while he used to living in a man- made world.  He makes everything from gears and bolts.  His horse he rides on to see the young woman is mechanically made. The rose he gives her is mechanically made. The young couple soon marries. They say Good-Bye to her parents and off they go in a hot-air balloon, mechanically made. They both settled in to their new house, mechanically made.  Everything about this young man, he invented except his wife: she’s a human being. She decides she’s going to put her real rose: he had given her into a real flower pot. It seems to be doing well for a short time until he noticed while she was into town: it begins to bend slightly to the right of the flower pot.  He gently picks the flower pot up. From where he is standing, the rose toppled out of the flower pot, outside of the window, and into man-made grass.

When the woman comes home from town, she notices her husband replaces the flower pot with a mechanical one, with a mechanical rose in it which doesn’t sit well with her. She rushes down the mechanical stairs to find the rose.  She manages to recaptures the rose, but the pollution is over whelming from everything being made mechanically kills her spontaneously. He sobs greatly. He soon realizes that nothing mechanical is so important than actually having a real woman whom he once loved so deeply. There wasn’t anything mechanical about her.

The imagery was so intriguing to me because the music went so well with piece. The music sets the tone for two people who are thinking about love.. The music also actually draws people in the theme whether they are romantically in love or they’re thinking about a significant other.

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