[Dragonfly Summer (Therian Tales) / Kyle Peterson]

Therian Tales

Where the trees part and the water-lapped lily pads undulated before the reflections of clouds on the open lake, someone approaches.

He keeps his head low and she materializes from the leaves like four-winged fliers, but his vision wandered the paths of her. Fringed moccasin boots dance in their steps. The folds of her skirt ripple and twirl. A heavy braid ropes over her moss-green dress scattered with prints of blue flowers. Eyes like forest floor rain puddles shimmer in the cool autumn sunlight.

His heart beats like dragonfly wings.

A group of sweaty runners trample the trance.

She looks back, holding his curious gaze until she disappears again into the leaves.

He stood there, head a tilt. Images of a life flash in his eyes. Barefoot strolls along earthen lanes. Tall grasses wave as the two spin hand-in-hand from the fulcrum of their feet, trees and mountains beyond blur with the colors of sunrise. She lays her head on his chest, they lay on the softest grass. Breathing quiet and full as the nimbus clouds passing overhead.

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