We Are the Machine / Alonzo Byas

Excuse me! I don’t mean to bother
For those of you who have chosen to sleep a little longer
and others who are just waking up and getting to the yawning
I understand this message maybe be a little jarring
but this is just the story I was told to bring
So let me just start off by saying
We are the machine…
Taking orders given to us by the king
accepting the values, standards, and beliefs given to us through a program
Passing labels onto one another as if we are the stamp gun
Shooting judgement down each others throat
without even giving the right to fair trail
Group-think makes the next move hostile
morals pushed out the window
in comes the master making his commands
and we obey every single one
When will we stop?
Until the last day has come?
Burning flowers cry to the sky
Singing, why! oh god why!
Zombies roam the land looking for fresh meat
Untrustworthy robots take all the Intel
and bring it back to the master’s feet
When will their hold loosen?
When will the light of Zion reign supreme once again?
The man who seeks to rule world loses his soul to sin
The master twisting his mind till it bends
Therefore, death becomes him, making the vessel vacant
An empty hotel room waiting for the next guest
In return he receives riches and notoriety at best
Alien invasion infecting the nation
Children born in dismay, growing more and more confused
As they try to find their way
In this strange new world…
Should I be myself? Or should I conform?
Maybe the better questions are
Do I know myself and Where am I going?
Where are we going?
It seems we are driving so fast without anyone knowing
The answers…
Yet we live like we know it all
Throwing caution to the wind, sin after sin
Living life through the lenses of iPods and Androids
Doing any and everything to fill the void
While the world around us gets destroyed
Just like us…
We are slaves to the master
and with every program that he starts
We obey the rules and play our parts
We are the Machine
Oh and I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to cause a scene
This is just the story I was told to bring.

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