A Rap: Novakovich / Nataliegh Lay

Novakovich and his lad

Went to Blue Note to listen to jazz;

When listening to his story it’s like talking to your friend,

Conversational tone is the message it sends.

What does that mean?

It means he’s not grand,

There isn’t formality, he’s easy to understand.

He’s relatable and credible and funny too,

Like chattin’ with your bros or chillin’ with your boo.

Let me break an example down

So you know what I mean:

My main man Novakovich said this about green,

“This guy looks completely stoned,” “Still we only live once,”

That’s something I’d say to my friends out to brunch.

Do you see what I mean by conversational tone?

Now go out and make some pieces of you own.

As I can imagine Novakovich aiding your writing with clues,

“Now you cats don’t forget to do that, will you?”


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