So I Say

by Robert Rittenhouse


Here’s to you, Ada (derived from “The Conditional”)

She giggles, those dimples, stop staring, I say.

Under the sun’s blanket, I hope for tomorrow.

Maybe the stutter will stumble, but say it doesn’t,

I’ll give myself a V8. Yet come

Tuesday, will we or won’t we, I say.

Glasses thick brought a riveting rose’s tint, the-

pauses, whispers in moon-

light caught hers. On a carousel, she becomes

enamored, pupils elated, overall an

endeavor endearing she. Soon, barriers icy

melt as we waltz like sugar plums away from the lull’s pit.

Due by date- I’ve lost count, I say.

Ballet flat pops, flowers bloom, our

fondness steady. Sweet-gum,

Peppermint, spear, on a tree.

Is this Neverland? I say. I face her face’s heat, is

the hourglass done? We bid adieus. I’m petrified.


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