Talon Review spotlights the voices of students and alums of the University of North Florida

In 2012, a group of students in one of Mark Ari’s creative writing workshops founded HashtagOctothorpe, a journal dedicated to student voices at the University of North Florida. In 2014, the journal was re-envisioned and rededicated as The Talon Review.

Now we’re back, and we want you to help make The Talon Review shine. Take a look at other students’ work by clicking on the Issues or Categories tabs, and check out our submission guidelines to see how you can submit your own work.

[Current Staff]

Editor-in-Chief: Kenna Galloway

Managing Editor: Kathleen Roland

Erica Bunch

Jesse Raymer

Maxwell Deyo

James Carter

Faculty  Adviser: Mark Ari


[Former Staff]

Former Editors-in-Chief:
Tori Christenson | Georgie Salzer | Sam Bilheimer | Phillip Wenturine | Meredith Raiford | Alex Ender | Ashley Kemker

Former Editors:
Abby Nehring Lori Sefick | Krystal Davidowitz | Patty Ganzelli | Lindsay Montgomery | Heather Peters | Kelsie Sandage | Nicole Sundstrom | Caroline Fraley | Mathew “Stig” Stiglbauer | Kandace Taylor | Alex Cendrowski | Taylor Bump | Alex Huffman | Leonard Owens III | L.A. Parker

Former Readers:
Kristina Smith | Katie Cavanaugh | Ashley Kemker | Michelle Acker | Brandon Stadnicki | Jennifer McKeown | Lynnsey Norris | Kathleen Roland | Drucilla James-Lowery | Dominic Anthony | Brad Lancaster | Katie Cavanaugh | Sarah Seck | Chrystal Christopher | Brooke Reams | Matthew Barnett | Tori Christensen | Daniel Pike