An Entryway / Taylor Bump

Hurrying you along from one bustling cafe to the next train stop and plunking you down in the middle of an existential crisis, “Berlin Journal” by Josip Novakovich is travel literature at is best. More than a well-written itinerary entry, the journal is insightful and revealing. Novakovich speaks to the reader in an intentionally causal […]

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“Hail” / Cai Doran

Josip Novakovich’s short story “Hail” is the story of Haris, a Buddhist pacifist fighting for the Bosnian Muslim forces. The story takes place during the conflict between the Muslims and the Serbians. Haris and his group attempt to ambush a Serbian camp but end up attacking their own in the mist and confusion. Haris is […]

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A Rap: Novakovich / Nataliegh Lay

Novakovich and his lad Went to Blue Note to listen to jazz; When listening to his story it’s like talking to your friend, Conversational tone is the message it sends. What does that mean? It means he’s not grand, There isn’t formality, he’s easy to understand. He’s relatable and credible and funny too, Like chattin’ […]

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We Called it our House / Tyler Norris

It was two brothers balancing chemicals between one moment’s oxygen and another moment’s hydrocarbons- on four hundred dollars’ rent and all the new clothes we could buy;   it was dripping air conditioning mixed with the solemn sound of redemption running through the halls of our apartment building like a stream waiting for rain   […]

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Listen! / Andres Fernandez-Morrell

Listen! Thy desire shall be to thy husband… – Genesis 3:16 Bucket List ITEM #1: Go to Kilimanjaro with Jim. PURPOSE: I’ve wanted to go since I read that Hemingway story about the dying guy who hears the hyenas howling and senses the vultures hovering and dies and flies to the peak of Kilimanjaro (and […]

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