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Secret Notes and London Folk

by Phillip Wenturine   You see the movie Wild on the list of movies on the tiny airplane screen, and simultaneously you find that there’s a footrest as well, and you squee! You want this trip to be like Wild. A modern day Eat, Pray, Love. You want to find yourself again. You take a sigh […]

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Two Poems

by Preston Johnson   Behind a Starbucks Watching A Sales Man Smoke   A man stands behind a mattress store Pulling and pushing a cigarette. I’m sure he never thought he’d do that, Spill smoke between his teeth With his head filled with mattresses And how people look when they Buy them and lay on […]

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When You Cremate Me

by Gina Olson   when you cremate me After Jane Hirshfield burn my yellow-white skin like a phoenix promising any thing can become another. you burn an object the flakes blackened and whited but think of camellia sinensis & with steam, tea leaves un-rounded in warmest liquid, lavender and bergamot and cinnamon yet i am […]

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To My Dearest Depression

by Forest Petyon Dear Depression, Let’s start here: I still hate you. I look at what life could be like, and what it could mean to me. Then I look at you and I blame you for everything. Everything I was supposed to be, but am not. I know you’re just a crutch, but I’m […]

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The Rose Garden

by Anissa Daily   Lena sat in the rose garden eating a sugared donut as grandma watered the flowers with a sun-yellow hose held in one hand and a clay mug filled with coffee in the other, and they watched the roses catch the water mist until the petals were plump and dewy, the sight […]

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3-9 Years

By Laura Hoffman   3-9 Years through eyes of milky-blue acrylic my grandmother: the painter sought reality which had become a fish wriggling with the life it had brought up from the sea but hers was leaking the soft indulgent woman who told me to crumple my failed watercolors in my tiny fists, stomp on […]

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Day Dream

By Corrine Schmaltz   Men wake before the sun, I see them      in fresh shirts and dark boots      heading towards lifted Chevy’s      and beat up Pontiac’s, bouncing      Always moving, without aim      Worn cogs that slow down      to smile and wave – Hey! Men toil under the hot breath of […]

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Two Poems

by Miguel Mendoza Martian Dog I just ruined A good friendship But I’m playing a game And here These assholes from mars Think they can just Claim independence Not if earth has anything to say Sometimes one has to assert dominance Pew, pew Pew, pew The martian’s spaceship catches fire Even though That wouldn’t happen […]

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So I Say

by Robert Rittenhouse   Here’s to you, Ada (derived from “The Conditional”) She giggles, those dimples, stop staring, I say. Under the sun’s blanket, I hope for tomorrow. Maybe the stutter will stumble, but say it doesn’t, I’ll give myself a V8. Yet come Tuesday, will we or won’t we, I say. Glasses thick brought […]

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