Secret Notes and London Folk

by Phillip Wenturine   You see the movie Wild on the list of movies on the tiny airplane screen, and simultaneously you find that there’s a footrest as well, and you squee! You want this trip to be like Wild. A modern day Eat, Pray, Love. You want to find yourself again. You take a sigh […]

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To My Dearest Depression

by Forest Petyon Dear Depression, Let’s start here: I still hate you. I look at what life could be like, and what it could mean to me. Then I look at you and I blame you for everything. Everything I was supposed to be, but am not. I know you’re just a crutch, but I’m […]

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[An Open Letter (or: An Indulgence in Sentimentality) (project:northside) / Leonard Owens III] Most (nay, all) of my life, I haven’t been a morning person. The allure of fresh coffee and gooey pastries and people bustling their lives out into the breaking day has never infected me. Now and then, I’ve strolled down to a beach bench for sunrises over the ocean while munching Burger King breakfast, […]

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Explore, Evolve, Blossom

A Lyrical Essay Inspired by French Adventures A golden train crossed the way, presenting itself, beckoning the question, to go or to stay, but it was never really a question, the answer hidden within the engine’s roars as it stole life, minds driven wild from the absent itinerary. Inch forward, to the train. Entering the […]

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