Submission Guidelines

Submitting to the Talon Review


The Talon Review is currently accepting submissions. Submissions for our Fall 2016 issue are open until November 18, 2016.

Submission Guidelines:

Those submitting their written work to the Talon Review must be a student or alum of the University of North Florida.

Submission types include fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, craft analysis, artwork, and new media. The word maximum is 2,000 words, and there is no word minimum.

To submit a written work, email it to The subject line of the email should include the author’s name, the issue that the work is being submitted to, and the title of the work in this format: “JaneMane_TheBarrenNight_February”

Authors can have no more than two simultaneous submissions. To voice any inquiries, email the Talon Review at the aforementioned email address.