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a poem? a dream? / Alice Shinkos

i dreamt about a lily last night i wondered if the lily was me i could see the roots and lovely parallel leaves and flower buds and flowers the plant’s roots were suddenly immersed in water and it grew and … Continue reading

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Steady / Katie Cavanaugh

If I played archaeologist in old boxes I would find the spiral bound resting place of fifteen year old musings. The third page had a list of ideals in blue ink. There were all the things I hoped steady love … Continue reading

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Rites of Stillborn Romance / Leonard Owens III

“Sure, we can shake uglies against the stall wall, but only if you take me home for a shower afterward,” she’ll say, and drag you inside the fourth floor library restroom for twenty minutes, then she’ll follow your car to … Continue reading

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How Can Two Become One? / Jacquelyn Meisburg

  I.   As a matter of fact and the fact of matter itself, we must merge bodies.       We force Newton’s law into the corner of science and love, and demand an answer: “It’s me or her–but … Continue reading

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Voices at the Table / Phillip Wenturine

The candle’s flicker atop the wooden table waves good evening. Gazpacho and fresh bread accompany the flame, their scents floating around my nose circulated by the fresh mountain air around us. Brilliant red reflects in the windows on the back … Continue reading

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We Are the Machine / Alonzo Byas

Excuse me! I don’t mean to bother For those of you who have chosen to sleep a little longer and others who are just waking up and getting to the yawning I understand this message maybe be a little jarring … Continue reading

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Stuart Dybek’s “Flu” / Richard Sell

In Stuart Dybek’s “Flu” he uses short descriptors separated by semicolons which manipulates the reader into producing a visual state of Faye’s experience with the flu as instantaneous. She undergoes “days of nausea, vertigo, diarrhea; a fast of toast and … Continue reading

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