Steady / Katie Cavanaugh

If I played archaeologist in old boxes I would find the spiral bound resting place of fifteen year old musings. The third page had a list of ideals in blue ink. There were all the things I hoped steady love would be like, whenever the ground beneath me would stop daring the Richter scale. I […]

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A Child’s Leaves / Gina Olson

A child forms her first word: a rippling breath producing tree, an object, a sound with leaves— bright with lightest green—hints of new identity lingering on her warm tongue, flowing through moss beneath the softened stream plant, swaying unclearly but not foggy—the roots spreading gently over sides of her mouth, stems producing extensive buds in […]

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Goldie / Catherine Tatem

I have a vague feeling I existed before, but I cannot remember. I twitch and discover the water around me will move to accommodate me. I swim forward, but a glass wall stops me. Alarmed, I circle around and find I am enclosed in a glass bowl. Outside the bowl is a colorful and blurry […]

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