Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

An Exploration by Andrea Markle  http://hobolobo.net/  The story so far is about how, in the end, you can’t expect money, earned by doing a distasteful –albeit wealthy- job, to lead you anywhere wholesome yet doing what you like will. Hobo Lobo, a peasant anthropomorphic wolf, wanders into the town of Hamelin: a generally well-to-do, albeit fearful […]

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Music sets the Tone

Invention of Love By: Andrey Shushkov / Electric Literature/ YouTube An exploration by  Basmah A. Abdul-Haleem Invention/hard work can’t replace the true meaning of love. A young man has been dating a natural beautiful woman who used to living in a natural world while he used to living in a man- made world.  He makes […]

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Collaboration in a Sentence

An Electric Literature Single Sentence Animation – Jonathan Ashley imagines Michael Cunningham An exploration by Alexa Velez   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kwNdbVIiUQ&feature=player_embedded   Writer Michael Cunningham and animator Jonathan Ashley collaborate to create a single sentence animation of one line from Cunningham’s novel Olympia.  The selected sentence states, rather bluntly, that a boy named Peter tried to murder […]

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Words from Paint

By Kelsie Sandage Link to Words From Paint   This multimedia project is best viewed in full screen. Enjoy this culmination of painting, writing, and online interactivity.

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[waiting for title]

[an analysis by Evelyn Buchardt] I was drawn to Anne Beatti’s story, “In Amalfi,” because it takes place in a location where I’ve been and love, and more importantly because I identify with the female protagonist’s views. This story is about the relationship between Christine, a still attractive, but no longer young woman, and Andrew, […]

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The Value of a Life

[an analysis by Lindsey Pittman] Luisa Valenzuela’s “Who, Me a Bum?” follows a bum as he tries to find a place to rest and get warm. First, he is turned away from what is presumed to be a shelter in order to make room for others. He sneaks into the subway station during the chaos that […]

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The Devil Among Us

[an analysis by Fancy Childers] In Joyce Carol Oates’ short story, “The Mark of Satan,” the narrator spins a tale that utilizes characterization, allowing the reader to come to false conclusions regarding who amongst the characters is truly the incarnation of evil. The story focuses on a woman, Thelma, who goes door to door preaching […]

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Naïve Optimism

[an analysis by Heather Peters] Richard Ford’s “Optimists” is about a middle-aged man reflecting on the time when, as a young man, he witnessed his father kill another man with a single blow to the chest, as well as the whirlwind of changes that followed in his family’s life soon thereafter. It’s important to note […]

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Climax through Characterization

[an analysis by Zach Molnar] In the story, “The Things They Carried,” Tim O’Brien tells the story of a single platoon in Vietnam. With his own experience as a guide, O’Brien seeks to convey the misery and fear that characterizes the average infantryman’s life. The story concentrates on the physical and emotional burdens the soldiers […]

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