Exploring “Our Education”

An Exploration by Brian Dugan http://recommendedreading.tumblr.com/post/39469729407/lincoln-michel-education  The short story “Our Education” by Lincoln Michel represents issues rooted within society and human nature.  It depicts a young man’s life in a school that has been abandoned by the faculty, leaving the students trapped in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The protagonist, whose name is never revealed, begins by […]

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The Zeugen

An Exploration by Carl Rosen This piece is a modern day, new media version of the Mona Lisa because it takes the principles of that painting and takes them ten steps further, such as the following eyes. What the Mona Lisa does in its attempt of creating a stare that always follows you; the Zeugen’s […]

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A {Digital} Stitch in Time

An Exploration by Denile Doyle http://www.newmediacaucus.org/wp/a-digital-stitch-in-time/ The relationship between Needlecraft and digital culture transcends traditional visual art and produces a new concept that combines craft and digital technology and creates a new digital arts and crafts movement distributed through mainstream media, and encouraging political activism, and DIY artists’ increased performance and embodiment of social media […]

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The Wrong Choice

[an analysis by Nathan Gibson] Richard Bausch’s “Aren’t You Happy For Me?” centers on a father’s reaction to his daughter’s surprise engagement. Barely recovering from the initial shock, the news only gets worse: his daughter’s pregnant! While still shocked, he absorbs the news surprisingly well. He prepares to tell her of he and his wife’s […]

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