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We Called it our House / Tyler Norris

It was two brothers balancing chemicals between one moment’s oxygen and another moment’s hydrocarbons- on four hundred dollars’ rent and all the new clothes we could buy;   it was dripping air conditioning mixed with the solemn sound of redemption … Continue reading

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Listen! / Andres Fernandez-Morrell

Listen! Thy desire shall be to thy husband… – Genesis 3:16 Bucket List ITEM #1: Go to Kilimanjaro with Jim. PURPOSE: I’ve wanted to go since I read that Hemingway story about the dying guy who hears the hyenas howling … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy, Life & Light / Robert Curtis

The forefront of all desires is Love and Mercy. The heart desires these two essential acts, as we need love to live in peace and mercy to be forgiven our wrongs.

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Strawberry Feels / RaeJeana Brooks

S T R A W B E R R Y   F E E L S I. The first time I ever thought of jumping was from the ledge of a pink staircase. No, I was wearing pink. No, the building was pink. No, the world was … Continue reading

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Stone’s Story / Kathryn Shapiro

None of this happened, but that is not important, and actually, nothing is. Stone didn’t know this when he signed up for the United States Army after 9/11. He lived in Seattle when it happened, knew no one who died … Continue reading

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